Business Plan

Before the beginning of each year chapter leaders meet to evaluate past events and brainstorm new ways to improve the Chapter. These ideas plus the results of each committee's plans for the coming year are combined into a Business Plan that is published in late January. During the course of the year, both committees and the chapter board of directors revisit the Plan from time-to-time to ensure they we are meeting our goals and implementing the great ideas that were generated during the brainstorming.

We, the People

CAI - Greater Los Angeles Chapter



The Greater Los Angeles Chapter (CAI-GLAC) will provide educational resources and opportunities to all of its members with the guiding principles being the improvement of the quality of life within community associations, the promotion of professionalism within the industry, and the advocacy of legislation which will benefit community associations.


CAI-GLAC was formed in 1983 and has had a full-time CED since 1984. The Chapter offices are located at 130 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 305, Glendale, CA 91203.

A Board of Directors consisting of 13 volunteers governs the Greater Los Angeles Chapter. GLAC’s committee system comprises 15 standing committees (see Appendix B).  A full-time staff (Chapter Executive Director (CED) and Administrative Assistant) are employed by the Board to carry out policies and procedures.

The Chapter’s Golf Tournament, Educational Luncheons, Casino Night event, Homeowners Association Marketplaces and Membership Directory advertising sales have traditionally been the major sources of non-dues income.

The goals and objectives each year are established at CAI-GLAC’s Strategic Planning Session. The Chapter’s vision for 2015—"We, the People"—is to not only bring together individuals with the common goal of bolstering the growth, development and prosperity of the community association industry, but also to establish a personal connection through consistent and frequent engagement and effective/timely communication.

Using the Preamble of the United States Constitution as a guide: “We, the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…,”  the Chapter will relate those powerful words back to its mission statement and actions: “to provide educational resources…opportunities for all members…quality of life within community associations…professionalism…and advocacy of legislation which will benefit community associations.”


Some 2014 highlights include:

·         Launching an E-newsletter.

·         Chartering a Business Partners Committee to increase camaraderie among business partners and make sure that the chapter is providing benefits that will grow their businesses.

·         Increasing the use of technology/social media:

·         Doubled the number of Twitter followers

·         Started using Facebook to announce events

·         Encouraged the “share” factor with members

·         Continued to use QuickCheck at our luncheons

·         Growing the chapter from 785 to more than 821 members in 2014:

·         Have more management company members (72) in chapter than in any other California chapter

·         44 new manager members

·         Participating in numerous community outreach programs, including: Well Suited for the Job Clothing Drive, Heal the Bay Beach Cleanup, Operation School Bell school supply donations, Relay for Life
          Cancer Walk, Strut Your Mutt Walk to Benefit the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society, L.A. Food Bank Day of food packing for holiday deliveries and the Spark of Love Toy Drive with a live interview on

·         Holding a very successful Awards Gala in conjunction with Casino Night to recognize volunteer leaders in 12 categories.

·         Producing three successful regional HOA Marketplace events that again increased trade show attendance over the previous year.

·         Honoring our PCAMs at a special luncheon in March.

·         Meeting our chapter contribution commitment of $22,192 to the California LAC—a very significant milestone. A large portion was collected during our CLAC Challenge at the November 2014 Luncheon
          and our Wine Night CLAC Benefit.

·         Rejuvenating the Social Media Committee to deepen our member-to-member connection and “share” our accomplishments beyond CAI walls.

·         Continuing to grow the Long Beach membership to extend our education to additional HOA boards.

·         Continuing to strengthen the Chapter's event attendance.

The Greater Los Angeles Chapter is in a strong financial position with 50 member companies participating in its 2015 Marketing Plan and higher levels of sponsorship. Attendance in 2014 was strong at every event with a 1:1 or better manager/business partner ratio.

In general, active member participation in the Chapter continues to increase. This Chapter enjoys an excellent reputation in Southern California due to its welcoming environment, professionalism, diverse leadership and teamwork within its membership. The Ambassadors Program is strong and active in greeting and mentoring guests and new members at and after our educational luncheons. Since Los Angeles is a very large territory and traffic is not always our friend, the Chapter has decided to hold luncheons at three regional locations in 2015 in lieu of one central location, hoping to encourage additional managers and HOA boards for whom distance has been a barrier to attend our educational luncheons. The Chapter hopes that this will also give the business partner sponsors an opportunity to interact with different managers and make new connections.


The Chapter’s Board of Directors plans to meet monthly to review the Chapter’s progress toward achieving its goals and objectives in 2015.  Quantifiable measures of progress will include an increase in membership, adherence to budget, cash flow statements, attendance at Chapter functions and stand-alone profitability of Chapter activities. 

All committees will provide written or oral reports and current committee budgets at the Board of Directors meetings. Emphasis will be placed on staying within an event’s budget and meeting profit goals as defined in the 2015 Annual Budget.  The Chapter President will also receive periodic reports from committee liaisons (Board Members) and the CED as to the activities of each committee during the year.  The CED will attend committee meetings as needed to meet each committee’s administrative needs.

The budget will be revised as necessary mid-year, and event programming will be adapted to ensure the Chapter’s continued financial health.


CAI-GLAC has established major goals for 2015:

·        Form a More Perfect Union:

·         Take time to understand and appreciate generational differences in our chapter membership in order to find the best ways to create benefits and that unique connection for chapter sustainability.

·         Embrace all forms of social media and incorporate social networking tools into events and promotions, i.e. tweet questions at luncheons, form LinkedIn groups, to create buzz about the next luncheon;  
          promote spontaneous social events.

·         Promote “fun.”

·        Volunteer/Member Appreciation:

·         Continue to recognize the work of our volunteers throughout the year using social media,FOCUS Magazine, luncheons, the Website and other means.

·        Encourage Liberty:

·         Empower Committee Chairs and Members to create new ways to engage our members.

·         Promote innovation in events, in Website redesign and in community outreach projects.

·         Listen to our members.

·        Promote the General Welfare

·         Grow the chapter membership by 5%—with emphasis on the homeowner/HOA board member segment and business partner segments not already represented in the Chapter. Methods will include: strengthening the Membership Committee’s outreach work, improving our method of communication (specifically use of social media) and creating member-friendly membership information to be available on the Chapter Website so all members can be recruiters.

·         Continue to develop member-contact programs through the Ambassadors Committee. The purpose of such programs is to effectively meet member needs and add value to their memberships. Getting to know each other better and deepening our professional and personal relationships will strengthen the ties that make CAI-GLAC a thriving, effective community.

·         Provide more benefits to manager members, such as managers-only workshops on hot topics.

·         Further develop educational offerings to community association board members and managers in the San Gabriel Valley and in Long Beach in order to grow those areas.

·         Expand the Homeowners Association Marketplace through broader community involvement, external sponsorship support and creative ideas for the event's education component.

·         Continue marketing major fundraising events early and consistently to encourage more members to reserve the dates well in advance and attend.

·        Insure Tranquility:

·         Improve marketing efforts to promote and grow the HOA board member online education offerings.

·         Plan a Community Outreach project each quarter.

·        Establish Justice:

·         Improve the marketing of our Mediation Services program to increase awareness and use.

·         Actively communicate both National and California Legislative news to our members and mobilize grass roots efforts to promote the California Legislative Action Committee's platform when necessary.


One of the major keys to the success of the Chapter in 2015 will be its Membership Campaign. To meet its goal to achieve a net increase of 41+ members (5%) during the year, the Chapter plans to:

·         Repeat the 2014 12-Month Recruiter Contest in 2015 with qualification revisions.

·         Recognize a Recruiter-of-the-Month at each luncheon.

·         Continue to hold evening satellite programs in the San Gabriel Valley and Long Beach.

·         Provide membership information at all events.

·         Provide an online form for recruiters to use to send prospects to the Chapter Office for follow-up.

·         Continue to develop member-friendly recruiting tools on the Chapter Website to enable all members to be recruiters.

·         Continue to encourage managers to recruit community association members and vendors.

·         Solicit prospective member names from managers in order to fill out more vendor categories.The Ambassadors will continue to be essential to the success of new member
           orientation and involvement, as well as member retention. They will:

·         Retain existing members through regular personal contact and fellowship.

·         Contact both prospective and new members by telephone to greet them, answer questions, invite them to functions and get them involved on committees.

·         Assist newcomers’ integration into the Chapter through education and a “buddy system.”

·         Staff the CAI table, provide assistance and greet attendees at all events.

·         Work with the Business Partners Committee to ensure that new BP members are successfully assimilated into the Chapter.


CAI-GLAC has been working for several years to get additional homeowners and common interest development board members involved in the Chapter. The strong commitment for 2015 includes:

·         Increasing a public relations effort through social media development.

·         Continuing to actively promote regional Essentials of Community Association Leadership Workshops.

·         More effectively marketing the Community Leadership Series online modules.

·         Using the CID Directory to identify additional names of community association leaders to add to the Chapter’s database and invite to events. These would be listings in addition to those on the
          CAI National roster.

The Chapter will work to maintain manager involvement by:

·         Keeping ticket prices at levels that allow participation by more than just one or two managers from each company.

·         Creating value for managers through quality programs carefully targeted to the more sophisticated/experienced manager.

·         Conducting periodic manager surveys regarding topics of interest and the best communication methods to reach them.



CAI-GLAC will take positive steps to increase CAI and Chapter visibility in 2015 by:

·         Presenting the Homeowners Association Marketplace event again in three regional locations.

·         Participating in numerous community outreach programs in Los Angeles County.

·         Making greater use of appropriate social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

·         Using our YouTube channel to expand the Chapter’s reach.

·         Further exploiting Internet opportunities via the Chapter Website, with features such as video and Webinars.


CAI-GLAC will take positive steps to improve its financial status in 2015 by:

·         Generating a workable budget for 2015. 

·         Maintaining checks and balances in current financial reporting.

·         Adequately staffing the Chapter Office to meet our membership’s needs.

·         Continuing to offer a formal Marketing Plan that allows member companies to become Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsors for an annual monetary commitment. Such Marketing Plan will allow
          the participant company a guaranteed level of sponsorship recognition based on sponsorship dollar levels and a member's choice of a number of major events, evening seminars and other specific functions.

·         Maintaining the number of sponsors at luncheons and satellite educational programs.

·         Requesting committee chairs to produce a budget for each event prior to scheduling in order to ensure adequate profitability for the time/involvement expected, and strongly encouraging committee chairs
          (through Board liaison active involvement) to adhere to event budgets.

·         Publicizing major events to both members and nonmembers well in advance in order to maximize sponsorships and member participation.

·         Increasing member participation in general at all CAI-GLAC functions by creatively ensuring maximum manager attendance and fostering good networking opportunities.

·         Increasing advertising income generated by FOCUS Magazine and the Website in order to ensure profitability and the Chapter’s professional presentation (thereby attracting new advertisers). 

·         Continuing to use the e-mail method of communication as often as possible to save postage expense and increase communication to members.



This new committee is active in ensuring that an appropriate array of sponsorship opportunities are available to showcase Business Partners’ companies, products and service to the membership. The Committee will also periodically evaluate the sponsorship experiences in order to give feedback to the committees and to the board. The Committee will hold two Tricks of the Trade Orientation Workshops for new Business Partner members to give them tips on strategies and etiquette to use when marketing to managers and HOA boards. The Committee will also work in conjunction with the Social Committee to hold some Happy Hour informal social gatherings that allow both managers and business partners to get to know each other better----with familiarity comes trust. The Committee will also work closely with the Membership Committee to ensure that new Business Partner members enjoy a positive experience and see the benefit of continued involvement.


Dedicated to our chapter’s belief that we should give back to our communities, this committee will continue to organize at least one outreach project per quarter in Los Angeles County. 2015 projects include: Well Suited for the Job Clothing Drive (February and March), Heal the Bay Beach Cleanup (April), Operation School Bell school supply drive (June and July), Cause for Celebration (for children) (September and October), L.A. Food Bank Food Drive and Day of food packing for holiday deliveries (November) and the Spark of Love Toy Drive with a live interview on ABC7-TV (December).


The Education Committee will increase its marketing efforts to promote the Community Leadership Series online. It will also stage CAI National educational offerings such as the Essentials of Community Leadership Training Workshops and PMDP Classes scheduled for Los Angeles County during the year. Hand-in-hand with the Programs Committee, this group will work to meet managers’ educational needs and strengthen the importance of receiving CAI certifications and designations. The Chapter will offer the CID Law Course in March. Four Manager Breakfast Workshops will be produced in 2015: “Email Consent Protocol,” “Steps for a Rightful Termination,” “Reading Blueprints” and “Managing Complex Priorities.”


The Finance Committee will monitor the Chapter’s financial status and periodically report the financial health to the board of directors. Committee members will also explore ways to improve the chapter’s fundraising results. Sensitive to the current economic climate, a major focus in 2015 will again be cash flow projection and control.


The 2015 Golf Tournament Committee includes new involvement opportunities for members, including active participation and sponsorship. The Committee will be working diligently to organize a May event that is fun, provides good networking potential and is increasingly profitable for the Chapter. The tournament will be held at the Tournament Players Club Valencia. The theme will be “The Ultimate Tailgate Party.”


The HOA Marketplace Committee will again concentrate on attracting a higher number of attendees by organizing three shows: Westside/South Bay, San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. Booths will showcase services in the common interest development industry that can help association board members and managers protect their investment and increase present and future quality of life in their neighborhoods.


The Chapter will continue to add a $5 per head contribution to the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) to its ticket prices for all events. The proceeds will be sent to CLAC on a regular basis. The Chapter will hold another Wine Night in August as a CLAC fund-raiser.  Attendance at CLAC’s annual “Legislative Day at the Capitol” and "Community Plus" conference will be encouraged. In order to keep members informed, a few minutes will be reserved for a short legislative update at all evening seminars, breakfasts and luncheons. Letters will be sent to attorneys and management company CEOs early in the year, asking them to pledge an amount. This committee will recruit new members and re-define committee goals and objectives. One goal is to form closer working relationships with our local legislators.


Now that the program has been in place for almost five years and built its mediator base, the Mediation Services Committee will launch a regular column in every FOCUS Magazine issue that highlights positive outcomes of using mediation to resolve HOA issues. The strategy is to promote the program continuously and increase the number of mediations performed as a result.


This committee with work to grow the chapter, with emphasis on the homeowner/HOA board member segment and business partner segments not already represented in the chapter by strengthening the Membership Committees’ outreach work and continuing to improve member-friendly membership information available on the Chapter Web site so all members can be recruiters.

Retaining members through regular personal contact, fellowship and committee involvement will be this committee’s primary responsibility.  Welcoming new members by introducing them to the existing membership, educating them about CAI promotional opportunities and encouraging involvement will also be a major thrust of this committee. New members will be identified and publicly acknowledged at Chapter events. The committee will also attend all functions and is responsible for greeting attendees, and staffing the CAI table.

The committee will continue to work to accomplish established new member and retention objectives. The Chapter’s goals are to increase membership by a net 5% (±41 members) and to achieve 100% retention.  The committee will help the Chapter achieve these goals by: 1) following up on new member prospects provided by membership and other sources; 2) contacting members with low participation to make sure they continue to see value in their membership; 3) telephoning members whose memberships are expiring in order to encourage prompt renewal; 4) continuing the new member or prospect ID tag (with discretion) in order to give new members special attention at chapter events; 5) planning for longevity by looking at the industry segments and filling in the gaps; 6) providing at least one committee representative at each event to “meet and greet” prospective members; and 7)  promoting CAI at HOA annual meetings and other meetings where attendees are not necessarily CAI members; 8) building up the committee so delegation of responsibilities is possible. The CID Directory will continue to be used as a prospecting tool.


The Programs Committee will meet the challenge of producing great educational programs at three regional locations. Topics include: What’s Trending in 2015, The Art of Getting Things Done, Technology Update, What’s New with FHA Approval, Mock Mediation II, What’s Cool in the Pool…and What’s Not, Whose Fault Is It, Are You Crossing the Line (Workplace Scenarios), and Annual Legislative Update.   Surveys distributed at educational sessions will ask for an evaluation of the current program and suggestions for future topics and speakers.


FOCUS Magazine

The FOCUS Magazine Committee is committed to continuing to provide quality educational articles to Chapter members and to following strict deadlines for all publications. As a strategy to elevate the article quality, the Committee will continue to convey through effective “Call for Presentations” communications a sense of competitiveness—that writing for the magazine is a privilege and editors are carefully selected.


The chapter will continue the monthly CommunityNow E-newsletters launched in 2014. The E-newsletter is designed to communicate concise news with Web links that encourage further exploration and research.

Membership Directory

The Membership Directory will continue to be a quality, useful resource for all members. The Committee is committed to sending this publication out early in the year.


The Website Home Page will undergo a major redesign to bring it up to current design standards and meet our members’ needs. The Website Committee will continue to add new features to keep it fresh and innovative, including video clips, Webinars and on-line education. The Website Committee will work to ensure member benefit, communication and education. This committee will cooperate with the other committees to incorporate new ideas into the site. It will also spearhead the effort to build advertising income through links, banner, promo spots and logo ads that can fund future Website enhancements.  The committee will also provide as much exposure as possible for banner advertisers in order to ensure that those advertisers feel their money is well-spent. Frequent communications from the Chapter Office through social media (including photos of events, event reminders, thank-you-for-attending,
e-mail follow-ups, and pointing out educational opportunities or articles) will call more attention to the Website.


The Satellite Programs Committee will plan and stage three educational breakfasts in Valencia, three evening educational programs in the South Bay and at least one evening educational program in the San Gabriel Valley and in Long Beach.  Topics are based on successful luncheon programs or knowledge of the educational needs of the attendee base.


Casino Night

Enhanced sponsorship packages will be designed to attract additional participation by Chapter members, and vendors will be encouraged to “sponsor” managers in order to increase attendance. The “black-tie” function will be held at a location central to our membership base that will help maximize attendance. It will include an Awards Presentation to recognize and appreciate Chapter volunteers. The Committee will use social media, frequent e-mail reminders and in-person invitations to managers to build excitement about the event.

Holiday Happy Hour

A casual holiday party will be again held at the Bel Air Crest HOA Clubhouse at the beginning of December to kick-off the holiday season and to appreciate manager members.


Ponies, Prizes & Play

A Saturday at the Santa Anita Race Track will bring managers and business partners together at a casual social event that maximizes networking opportunities. In addition to watching the horse racing and enjoying a BBQ lunch, this day will include games to promote member interaction and camaraderie.


This committee has been re-energized with a new chair and new members who have a passion and the savvy for social media. This expertise will help bring our chapter to the next level of social connection in order to more effectively raise both member and community awareness of CAI and its benefits, 2) promote chapter events in order to maximize manager and association membership and participation, 3) conduct opinion and statistical surveys, and 4) solicit ideas for future Chapter offerings and 5) integrate more new tools into promotional efforts. A Social Media Policy was put in place as the first step in forming a solid working framework and code of conduct.


Wine Night net proceeds benefit the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) in Sacramento. This year the Committee will again plan a casual wine tasting event in the Los Angeles area, not only to provide a networking opportunity for managers and business partners, but also to help the Chapter meets its annual CLAC contribution commitment. Historically, this event’s donation has provided about 20% of the contribution goal.

When engagement and connection among chapter members is consistently encouraged from the top (Chapter President)… down through the ranks (Committee Chairs and Members)—We, the People, will enthuse and motivate the members to be part of the fun, foster greater camaraderie and enhance the cooperative atmosphere in our industry by:

·         The increasing use of social media as a means of greater communication

·         A better understanding the membership’s generational characteristics which then help define preferred methods of receiving communications, educational preferences and types of attractive events

·         Recognition of our chapter volunteers throughout the year

·         Improvement (through education) of association board/homeowner member relationships

·         Encouragement of business partner-to-manager and business partner-to-business partner networking

·          Expanding the membership and activities of the Legislative Support Committee