Business Plan

Before the beginning of each year chapter leaders meet to evaluate past events and brainstorm new ways to improve the Chapter. These ideas plus the results of each committee's plans for the coming year are combined into a Business Plan that is published in late January. During the course of the year, both committees and the chapter board of directors revisit the Plan from time-to-time to ensure they we are meeting our goals and implementing the great ideas that were generated during the brainstorming.

Building Our Bench


CAI - Greater Los Angeles Chapter





CAI-Greater Los Angeles Chapter

130 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 305, Glendale, CA 91203

[818] 500-8636


“Empowering Communities”








Connecting Communities Through Education, Advocacy and Service



A Board of Directors consisting of 11 volunteers governs the Greater Los Angeles Chapter (See Appendix A). GLAC’s committee system comprises 16 standing committees (See Appendix B).  A full-time staff (Chapter Executive Director and Events & Member Services Manager) is employed by the Board to carry out policies and procedures. A half-time temp supports the CED and Manager.


The Chapter’s Golf Tournament, Educational Luncheons, Community Expos and Membership Directory advertising sales have traditionally been the major sources of non-dues income.


The goals and objectives each year are established at CAI-GLAC’s Board Retreat. The 2020 theme, “Building Our Bench,” will emphasize elevating our chapter events and promoting career development within the CID industry—starting with the Board and extending to all committees, their members, and the greater membership. We want to attract and retain top talent in the industry for both managers and business partners. This theme will provide a framework for events and chapter development. The vision focuses on considering the Chapter’s brand and core values and aligning them with EVERY decision we make and EVERY action we take.



Some 2019 highlights include:

·        Increased the Chapter to more than 1,100 members.

·        Ran a “365 Connections” social media campaign to post positive HOA experiences daily on our social media posts channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

·        Established a working relationship with the Real Estate Department of El Camino Community College, presenting two pilot guest lectures that are leading to a semester’s curriculum on HOA Management in the 2020 Fall Semester.

·        Facilitated two internships for college students from the El Camino College Real Estate Department at local management companies.

·        Undertook a major new community food festival event in October, The Town Grub Down, in a condo community of more than 13,000 residents, to raise awareness of CAI and its resources.

·        Launched a chapter app so our members could access our resources and sign up for events while on-the-go.

·        Put our 2020 Marketing Plan online where members could select and pay for their 2020 sponsorships, increasing participation by 15% over previous years.

·        Met our chapter contribution commitment of $24,981 to the California LAC—a very significant milestone, supported by a record number of community associations.

·        Expanded the PCAM Scholarship Program to include a 25% rebate for classes attended out of the chapter area.

·        Enjoyed strong attendance at every event with a 1:2 or better manager/business partner ratio.


The Greater Los Angeles Chapter is in a strong financial position with 70 member companies participating in its 2020 Marketing Plan and higher levels of sponsorship.


In general, active member participation in the Chapter continues to increase. This Chapter enjoys an excellent reputation in Southern California due to its welcoming environment, professionalism, diverse leadership and teamwork within its membership. The Ambassadors Program is strong and active in greeting and mentoring guests and new members at and after our educational luncheons. Since Los Angeles is a very large territory and travel time is often a challenge, the Chapter will continue to hold regional locations in 2020, due to its success in attracting additional and different managers and HOA boards when the location is close to their office/home. The regionals also continue to give the business partner sponsors an opportunity to interact with different managers and make new connections.





The Chapter’s Board of Directors plans to meet monthly to review the Chapter’s progress toward achieving its goals and objectives in 2020.  Quantifiable measures of progress will include an increase in membership, adherence to budget, cash flow statements, attendance at Chapter functions and stand-alone profitability of Chapter activities. A Chapter Master Calendar (to evolve into a Google Calendar with Chapter leadership access capability to update) will be developed to include events, recurring committee meetings, task deadlines, strategic timelines to ensure adequate succession planning and more.


All committees will provide written or oral reports and current committee budgets at the Board of Directors meetings. Emphasis will be placed on staying within an event’s budget and meeting profit goals as defined in the 2020 Annual Budget.  The Chapter President will also receive regular reports from committee liaisons (Board Members) and the CED as to the activities of each committee during the year.  The CED and/or Events & Member Services Manager will attend committee meetings as needed to meet each committee’s administrative needs.


The budget will be revised as necessary mid-year, and event programming will be adapted to ensure the Chapter’s continued financial health.



CAI-GLAC has established three global initiatives for 2020:

·        Educate

·        Educate regarding the CID industry and promote education within the industry

·        Continue current educational programs and look for additional ways to add value and increase educational opportunities for our members

·        Elevate educational luncheon events by inviting more professional speakers and increasing the variety of both topics and speakers

·        Build our Bench

·        Promote both manager and business partner careers available within the CID industry in order to attract and retain top talent

·        Gain a stronger foothold in community colleges through education and job fairs in order to proactively “fill the pipeline” and meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified, career-minded community managers

·        Support our communities and our members by increasing interest in this ever-growing field of community management




·        Change Perception

·        Continue our message to create a positive image of the HOA industry through 1) sharing positive stories about living and/or working in an HOA and 2) emphasizing the impact we as an industry have on our communities

·        Continue to dedicate person/people to build relationships with city officials and legislators/legislative staffs



We will continue to implement The Four E’s into our communications and events:

·        Entertain

·        Educate

·        Engage

·        Elevate


Ways in which we will communicate with our members include:

·        Webinars

·        Video Conferencing

·        Consider GroupMe mass texts.

·        Engage members by promoting inclusive environment.

·        Encourage members, acknowledge members’

·        Involve our younger members in exploring how to expand our communication and technology.

·        Email once a month how we are improving their lives.

·        Continue to email out Focus Magazine.

·        Create an outlet to discuss membership feedback.



·        Effect better use of our chapter app.

·        Encourage more video conference committee meetings vs. teleconference calls.

·        Encourage members to become involved through committee work, event attendance and a vibrant Website.

·        Continue to develop member-contact programs through the Ambassadors Committee with the intent to effectively meet member needs and add value to their memberships.

·        Continue to encourage manager professional education and celebrate managers accomplishing CAI designations

·        Find ways to engage our younger members to strengthen their commitment to our industry.

·        Start a “Follow Up to Luncheon” communication to the people who did not attend---“Here’s what you missed…”

·        Send calendar invites.

See Appendix C for the 2020 Calendar of Events.



·        Continue to strengthen committees and help them achieve their goals.

·        Continue to spotlight committees at events to grow visibility and encourage members to join.

·        Establish a dynamic board liaison relationship with each committee.

·        Invite committee chairs to Chapter board meetings for updates and dialogue.

·        Develop a Committee Chair Toolkit to help Committee Chairs succeed.

·        Appreciate Volunteer/Members publicly and often.

·        Continue to recognize the work of our volunteers throughout the year using social media, FOCUS Magazine, luncheons, the Website and other means.

·        Introduce board members formally at events and showcase their accomplishments.

·        Recognize Past Presidents and Past Board Members when possible.

·        Develop Chapter leadership.

·        Continue to hold Committee Chair Check-ins quarterly to increase camaraderie and intercommunication.

·        Encourage the Board and Committee Chairs to “work the room” at events to more closely connect with members and promote upcoming event sponsorship and attendance.