Business Plan

Before the beginning of each year chapter leaders meet to evaluate past events and brainstorm new ways to improve the Chapter. These ideas plus the results of each committee's plans for the coming year are combined into a Business Plan that is published in late January. During the course of the year, both committees and the chapter board of directors revisit the Plan from time-to-time to ensure they we are meeting our goals and implementing the great ideas that were generated during the brainstorming.

Rise Together



Connecting Communities Through Education, Advocacy and Service


A Board of Directors consisting of 11 volunteers governs the Greater Los Angeles Chapter (See Appendix A). GLAC’s committee system comprises 15 standing committees (See Appendix B).  A full-time staff (Chapter Executive Director and Events & Member Services Manager) is employed by the Board to carry out policies and procedures.

 The Chapter’s Golf Tournament, Educational Luncheons, Community Expos and Membership Directory advertising sales have traditionally been the major sources of non-dues income. Structure and expectations of income may change, depending on the possibility of putting on in-person events.


COVID-19 rocked our world in 2020 and significantly changed the way CAI-GLAC members connect with each other and with the greater community. Our ingenuity and collective creative ideas helped us not only to survive but truly thrive. Our leadership, which comprises visionaries and innovators, has invited our members to RISE TOGETHER and help the Chapter reach its 2021 global initiatives.


Some 2020 achievements include:

·        Maintained membership at 1,100.

·        Folded Business Partner co-chairs and events into Membership Committee to strengthen that committee and produce stronger events.

·        Restructured the Education Committee into two working committees to allow more focus on Homeowner Leader Education and Manager Education.

·        In March, when the pandemic forced a Stay at Home order, CAI-GLAC was one of the first chapters to pivot, producing timely online education and virtual social gatherings through ZOOM that maintained member connection. Although the webinars and social meetings could not replace the networking value of in-person events, chapter members appreciated our working hard to care about them and provide value for their membership.

·        Introduced workout sessions and Lunch Bunch.

·        Created innovative Lunch & Learn sponsorships that delivered lunch to attendees through GrubHub.

·        Structured a Learning Library whereby member companies can upload educational webinars for member and nonmember free viewing.

·        Started BP Shout Outs and Tips-of-the-Day on social media.

·        Moved all in-person fundraisers (Casino Night, Golf Tournament, Wine Night) to fourth quarter of 2021.

·        90% of our members agreed to roll over their 2020 sponsorships to 2021.

·        Contracted with a professional online platform called Easy Virtual Fair to allow the Chapter to produce quarterly trade shows in order to highlight business partner (BP) members. The live chat feature provided opportunities for manager-BP interaction.

·        Widened management company marketing opportunities to include exhibit booth sponsorships at trade fairs and display tables at future in-person events.

·        Given the unknown future of venue openings in Los Angeles County during 2021, Chapter leadership only introduced virtual 2021 sponsorships, including educational webinars, social media and website advertising. In March, the Chapter Board of Directors will review the possibility of 4th Quarter 2021 in-person events.

·        Met our chapter contribution commitment of $25,248 to the California LAC—a very significant milestone, supported by a record number of community associations.


The Chapter’s Board of Directors plans to meet monthly to review the Chapter’s progress toward achieving its goals and objectives in 2021.  Quantifiable measures of progress will include membership retention, adherence to budget, cash flow statements and stand-alone profitability of Chapter activities. A Chapter Master Calendar (to evolve into a Google Calendar with Chapter leadership access capability to update) will be developed to include events, recurring committee meetings, task deadlines, strategic timelines to ensure adequate succession planning, and more.

 All committees will provide written or oral reports and current committee budgets at the Board of Directors meetings. Emphasis will be placed on staying within an event’s budget and meeting profit goals as defined in the 2021 Annual Budget.  The Chapter President will also receive regular reports from committee liaisons (Board Members) and the CED as to the activities of each committee during the year.  The CED and/or Events & Member Services Manager will attend committee meetings as needed to meet each committee’s administrative needs.

To keep close watch on the Chapter’s financial health, two 2021 budgets were developed. The Best-Case scenario assumes that events will be online at least through August. The Worst-Case Scenario assumes that events will be virtual though December 2021. The Board will follow the Best-Case budget and revise as necessary; event programming will be adapted to ensure the Chapter’s continued financial health.


CAI-GLAC has established three global initiatives for 2021:

·        Educate

·        Educate regarding the CID industry.

·        Actively promote education within the industry for all three membership categories.

·        Continue current educational programs and look for additional ways to add value and increase educational opportunities for our members.

·        Elevate educational webinars by inviting more professional speakers, streaming live when possible and increasing the variety of both topics and speakers.

·        Promote Professionalism

·        Promote both manager and business partner careers available within the CID industry in order to attract and retain top talent.

·        Design the tools necessary for community manager career advancement.

·        Gain a stronger foothold in community colleges through education and job fairs in order to proactively “fill the pipeline” and meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified, career-minded community managers.

·        Support our communities and our members by increasing interest in this ever-growing field of community management.

·        Reinforce Positive HOA Image

·        Continue our message to create a positive image of the HOA industry through 1) sharing positive stories about living and/or working in an HOA and 2) emphasizing the impact we as an industry have on our communities

·        Continue to dedicate person/people to build relationships with city officials and legislators/legislative staffs


We will continue to implement The Three E’s into our communications and events:

·        Educate

·        Engage

·        Elevate

 Ways in which we will communicate with our members include:

·        Produce webinars.

·        Use Video Conferencing.

·        Engage members by promoting inclusive environment.

·        Encourage members, acknowledge members’ achievements.

·        Involve our younger members in exploring how to expand our communication and technology.

·        Continue to email out Focus Magazine.

·        Create an outlet to discuss membership feedback.


·        Encourage ZOOM committee meetings vs. conference calls.

·        Refresh website to attract attention to Chapter programs and ensure easy access to information.

·        Encourage members to become involved through committee work, event attendance and a vibrant website.

·        Continue to develop member-contact programs through the Ambassadors Committee with the intent to effectively meet member needs and add value to their memberships.

·        Continue to encourage manager professional education and celebrate managers accomplishing CAI designations.

·        Find ways to engage our younger members to strengthen their commitment to our industry.

·        Start a “Follow Up to Webinar (Luncheon)” communication to the people who did not attend---“Here’s what you missed…”

·        Send calendar invites.


·        Continue to strengthen committees and help them achieve their goals.

·        Continue to spotlight committees in Focus Magazine and on social media to grow visibility and encourage members to join.

·        Establish a dynamic board liaison relationship with each committee.

·        Invite committee chairs to Chapter board meetings for updates and dialogue.

·        Continue to improve the Committee Chair Toolkit to help Committee Chairs succeed.

·        Appreciate Volunteer/Members publicly and often.

·        Continue to recognize the work of our volunteers throughout the year using social media, FOCUS Magazine, the Website and other means.

·        Develop Chapter leadership.

·        Continue to hold Committee Chair Check-ins quarterly to increase camaraderie and intercommunication.

·        Be available to listen and respond to the needs of our members.

·        Review and update the Board Orientation Manual periodically so Directors understand their roles and responsibilities.

·        Encourage managers to obtain their credentials.

·        Grow the “Coaching to Credentials” manager mentoring program, emphasizing career growth and success as a result of education.

·        Executive Director to meet with management company CEOs to encourage manager education through CAI.

·        Continue to raise awareness of CAI’s strong advocacy in Sacramento.

·        Actively communicate both National and California Legislative news to our members and mobilize grass roots efforts to promote the California Legislative Action Committee's platform when necessary.

·        Establish a rapport and communication link with local state legislators in order to be their preferred resource for information on HOA issues. Get to know their local staff members.


One of the major keys to the success of the Chapter in 2021 will be its Membership Campaign. To meet maintain membership above the 1,100-member level, the Chapter plans to:

  • Encourage managers to promote Homeowner Leader board memberships.
  • Reintroduce the “Raising the Bar” Recruiter Campaign.
  • Continue to develop member-friendly recruiting tools on the Chapter Website to enable all members to be recruiters.
  • Reach out regularly to current members and listen to them in order to ensure that we continue to give value to membership.
  • Encourage managers to join the Membership Committee.
  • Continue the Ambassadors Program.