Civility Pledge

Community associations are comprised of people with different ideals, preferences, and values. The Community Association Civility Pledge provides a framework for effective community conversations.

How we talk about things matters. While we may be able to share our views with people who already agree with us, sharing our opinions while leaving room for someone' else's viewpoint can be challenging. How can we seek to listen to those who hold different beliefs? How can we respectfully disagree?

Community association boards are regularly faced with challenging and complex issues that can spark strong emotions. A critical responsibility of a board leader is to facilitate community conversation about these important issues. By adopting the Community Association Civility Pledge, community association boards commit to embracing principles that establish a framework for effective community conversations.

Community association boards use this framework to lead their communities through conversations about difficult and complex issues and harmonizing feedback from residents resulting in decisions that are informed and well balanced for the community as a whole.

CAI strives to promote harmony, community, responsible citizenship, and effective leadership with this initiative. In the process, we make life better for the millions of people living in community associations around the world.

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