We Have 2019 Condominium Blue Books for Sale

Please call Chapter Office to order. 818-500-8636.

The 2019 Condominium Bluebook is the best guide for California homeowners associations, owners and directors of planned developments, condos, co-ops, townhomes and loft developments.

Important bills signed into law this year will be highlighted in the 2019 Condominium Bluebook.

Take it with you to all your meetings as a handy reference guide because it contains:

  • All the California laws that pertain to common interest development governance contained in the:
    • California Civil Code
    • California Corporations Code
    • Health Code
    • Vehicle Code
    • Davis-Stirling Act
  • Significant Judicial Decisions
  • Forms & Checklists
  • Parliamentary Procedure

...and it is well-indexed so that you can find what you need very quickly.


Cost: $26.00, includes sales tax, shipping and handling.


Order your copy today!