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Position: Assistant Property Manager

Employer: HOA Organizers

Job Description:

We are a growing property management company, and we are looking for the right individual to fill a unique position presenting a wonderful opportunity. It is very important for us to find the right fit who will represent us in the most professional and friendly manner. We very much look to promote within, so this candidate may have growth opportunities to learn our industry and ways further and become a property manager. This is a full-time job, Monday through Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM. Over-time may be needed on occasion, which may include attendance at evening meetings. There will likely be 3-4 weekdays per month where the candidate will be needed to attend evening meetings with a property manager. We are looking to fill a position as an assistant property manager to one of our senior community managers. The position requires working closely with the senior community manager and assisting in any delegated projects, which includes but is not limited to: - Soliciting proposals from vendors for maintenance projects. - Maintaining a property calendar to keep track of monthly / quarterly / annual projects. - Oversee existing vendors, such as landscapers and janitorial crew, to ensure stellar performance. - Communicate with community as to day to day issues. - Conducting property site inspections to ensure optimal functioning of building components. - Offering a friendly and professional demeanor to residents of the community. - Maintain an action list of ongoing projects and communicate status of projects back to supervisor and community residents. - Maintaining the office organization and filing. - Drafting letters and correspondence to communicate with the residents of the community. - Respond to high volumes of emails and phone calls and log communication in our proprietary software. - Assist in creating meeting agendas and packages for Board Meetings.
Job Requirements:

The candidate must possess the following abilities / skills / experience: 1. Type 60+ words per minute 2. Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word 3. Strong computer skills 4. Very strong verbal and written skills - The candidate will be interfacing with all clients and must present a professional and capable demeanor 5. Problem-solving and logical - the candidate will be faced with difficult people and situations. With training, the candidate must be able to use common sense to determine the best course of action. 6. A desire to learn, a thirst for growth and progression 7. Loyal and team-playing attitude. We are a great group of people, and we need to fill the position with someone who is a hard worker and a team player. It is important that all employees respect one another and strive to help each other. 8. Have a great memory, quickly learning the names of key clients and recognizing our important clients by voice and name when they call. 9. Multi-tasking is a must. This is a very fast paced environment. Multiple tasks are assigned at the same time, and it is up to the assistant to prioritize and work through projects. 10. PROFESSIONALISM - we expect that everyone treat one another courteously and with respect in the office. This same attitude is expected to be presented to clients, vendors, etc. We are in a demanding field and often times are presented with customers who may not always be polite or courteous. The right candidate will know how to diffuse those situations and deflect and maintain a professional demeanor. 11. Outgoing and social - the candidate cannot be timid and must be able to take the lead and direct vendors professionally but with confidence. 12. The candidate MUST have prior experience in a property management or real estate office. Ideally the candidate will have already had experience with property maintenance, directing vendors, keeping track of multiple projects, etc.
Employment Status: Full Time
Salary: $14-$16 per hour, depending on experience
Location: Van Nuys, CA

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Contact/Application Info:
Neda Nehouray, CMCA, AMS


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