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Position: Portfolio Property Manager / Account Manager 3-5 Years Experience

Employer: Jenkins Properties Management Company(JPMC)

Job Description:

Responsible to service and maintain Property Management accounts. Assist both HOA and Investment Property owners, in achieving their investment objectives, make recommendations to improve their profit and productivity through quality professional management services. 

Maintain industry knowledge through certification and or continuing education with CACM, CAI and or AAGLA, depending upon portfolio structure of HOA’s, Apartments, Commercial or Facilities Management. 

Job Requirements:


1.      Understand and carry out all aspects of the management contract between JPMC and the client.  Ensure that all benchmarks, commitments and deadlines are met.  As needed, advise client and supervise billing(s) pursuant to “Fee Schedule” for additional services.

2.      Create management plans with operating annual budgets that anticipate potential needs especially when the expense involved may be significant. Enforcement of Governing Rules. 

3.      Keep owners informed of significant operational problems and deviations from plans in a timely manner.

4.      Understand and carry out all policies in dealing with properties, owners and tenants.

5.      Remain accountable to the owners/members, the Governing Agencies and State. 

6.      Maintain good owner/tenant relations by prompt and complete response to problems. Return telephone calls and/or email requests within 8 hours.

7.      Oversee collection of Income, i.e., rent or monthly assessments. Handle the service of 3 Day Pay or Quit Notices and or lien notices and associated legal aspects for HOA’s, as required by civil code and governing documents.

8.      Inspect properties monthly and issue work orders as necessary.

9.      Inspect rental units’ interiors annually and issue work orders as necessary.

10.   Review monthly client accounting reports, write summary of monthly activities and distribute to HOA Boards or Rental Property Owners.

11.   Maintain updated status of all Rental Properties including move out dates, move -in/out inspections, market rent and leasing contracts.

12.   Oversee vendor activities and the enforcement of vendor contracts and be responsible for the general supervision of all personnel. Bid solicitations will be required.




13.   Property Manager must be available for evening meetings with HOA Board members as required.


Employment Status: Full-Time
Salary: $22.50 / hour
Location: Montrose

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