Members Holding Professional Credentials

Reserve Specialist (RS®)

In 1998 CAI created a new professional designation known as the Reserve Specialist (RS). This is the only national credential for Community Association reserve study providers. The RS designation is awarded to experienced, qualified professionals who help condominium, cooperative and homeowner associations plan for long time repair and replacement of major components. The prerequisites for the RS designation include the preparation of 50 reserve studies within the last 3 years, a Bachelors Degree in Construction Management, Architecture or Engineering (or equivalent experience and education) and CAI Professional membership in good standing. The RS designees must adhere to CAI's Professional Reserve Specialist Code of Ethics and perform reserve studies according to CAI's new National Reserve Study Standards. A minimum of ten studies per year must be conducted to maintain the designation.
Steve Jackson, RS®
Advanced Reserve Solutions, Inc.
Sean Kargari, RS®
Association Reserves – CA/Los Angeles
Jacque Martin, RS®
Reserve Advisors, LLC
Brian McCaffery, RS®
McCaffery Reserve Consulting
Robert Nordlund, RS®
Association Reserves, Inc.
Les Weinberg, RS®, MBA
Reserve Studies Incorporated
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