If you manage, govern, service or live in a community association (HOA), you need to be a part of our organization.


CAI is the largest resource of education and information available to those who govern or provide services to community associations.


We offer you the latest, most comprehensive and specialized information on all aspects of community association operation and management.

  • Solve problems.
  • Learn from industry experts.
  • Keep current on legislation and laws.
  • Network with others active in community governance.



Gain the most benefit by choosing the one that is right for you:

Community Associations & Volunteer Leaders
(for community associations, association board members and volunteer leaders)

Individual Community Manager
(for individual managers)

Management Company
(for management companies)

Business Partners
(for attorneys, accountants, insurance providers, reserve providers, builder/developers, realtors, software providers, landscapers, roofers, lenders, etc. - anyone who provides products or services to community associations)


Membership FAQs

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