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Education is a critical component of CAI’s mission. CAI’s courses and credentials provide homeowner leaders, community managers, and business partners with the latest training to make an immediate impact in your association, your career, and your business.

Courses are offered in a wide variety of educational online, virtual and in-person learning opportunities that lead to obtaining and maintaining one’s professional credentials.

The Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) certification serves as the cornerstone, or initial step, within the CAI designation program. Here is how to commence this journey.


Step One

  • Option 1: Education

          Complete and pass prerequisite course. M100 - California Edition Course through CAI National

  • Option 2: Experience

         If you have at least five years of experience as a community association manager, you may receive a one-time waiver of the prerequisite course. 

Step Two 

Complete and submit the online application for the CMCA examination.

Step Three

Successfully pass the CMCA examination.


You may want to consider taking your M100 as soon as possible. Apply for the CMCA exam and schedule to take the exam right after our in-person CMCA Review Session on June 18th to increase your chances of passing with the information fresh in head. Must be registered to attend.

Professional Credentials

AMS - Association Manager Specialist (Learn More)

The second level in the career development track for community association managers. The AMS designation demonstrates a higher level of commitment to your career and the community association industry. An AMS designation is recommended for managers who want to enhance their career opportunities by increasing their knowledge and expertise.

PCAM - Professional Community Manager (Learn More)

The PCAM designation is the highest professional recognition available nationwide to managers who specialize in community association management. Earn your PCAM and join the elite—the select—the best.

LSM - Large Scale Manager (Learn More)

This specialist designation is designed to allow PCAM designees to specialize within their profession. CAI acknowledges the unique aspects of being a large-scale community manager and is providing an opportunity for recognition and continuing education in order for you to expand your career opportunities.

AAMC - Accredited Association Management Company (Learn More)

The AAMC accreditation demonstrates a company's commitment to providing the unique and diverse services community associations need. An Accredited Association Management Company ensures that their staff have the skills, experience, and integrity to help communities succeed. Its managers have advanced training and demonstrated commitment to the industry—just the type of professionals that community association boards seek to hire!

Continuing Education Credits

CAI-GLAC Educational Events and Courses (See Calendar of Events)

  • Community Expo - 3 CEUs
  • Chapter Luncheons - 1 CEU
  • Managers-Only Webinar - 1CEU
  • HOA Board Education Webinar - 1 CEU
  • Executive Leadership Summit -  6 CEUs
  • CMCA Review Session - 5 CEUs

CAI National Educational Events and Courses (Learn More)

Resources and Information

Educated Board Members make better choices and the value of having an educated board is priceless. CAI’s education for Board Members gives homeowners a comprehensive understanding of budgets, finance, as well as how to interact with your community.

CAI-GLAC Events for homeowners (See Calendar of Events):

  • HOA Board Evening Webinar
  • Board Leadership Webinar
  • CID Law Course Webinar

CAI Board Leader Certificate: Learn More

CAI has developed training for the companies who understand the community association market better than anyone else, the Business Partners.

The Business Partner Essentials course is a great orientation for new staff or for companies who are wanting to know more about doing business with community associations.

Upon completion of the class and having passed the exam, you will earn the Educated Business Distinction, showing that you have the knowledge and expertise to work with community associations. 

Business Partner Essentials - Online Course: Learn More

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